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The wonderful world of having APIs in your working environment

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Businesses and enterprises are constantly working on making the best and perfect changes to stand out in the market. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are implemented to reach the goals that the organizations have already set. APIs can help a lot in the advanced approach of marketing.

APIs are mandatory for every business now that wants to bring innovation. APIs are used for communication with other institutions, and as a result, they can access, extract and interact with the data with data the other institutions want to distribute to their customers.

Types of API:

APIs are generally of three major types. Below are the types of APIs:

1. Private or internal APIs

2. Partner APIs

3. Public APIs

Benefits of APIs:

APIs have several benefits that make them best for business connectivity and getting data from external sources quickly:

1. Increase in productivity:

Technology changes every day; the enterprises also add updates to them by adding the changes. There are many ways in which you can increase the productivity of the business using APIs.

APIs help in the faster development of the projects, and the developers can implement new functionality in already existing functions to create the new solutions. As stated by the reports, using APIs can increase the productivity of the business by almost 59%.

2. Saves the cost:

The more complex an application is, the more it will cost. The cost of an application depends truly upon the complexity of that application. APIs save the cost as they reduce the development efforts. If you use APIs for reducing the cost, it will be a great way.

3. Improvement of connectivity:

The APIs that are used within the company can improve the internal communication network and collaboration. The main and basic function of APIs is providing connectivity. The APIs provide different systems and applications for improving connectivity and collaboration too.

4. Brings Innovations:

APIs increase the productivity level of an enterprise and enable the enterprise in supercharging the innovations. Today, innovations play a very important role in making organizations more successful and at the top.

The APIs act as the connecting layers, which help make interactions between two different modes and lead to deploying the best applications.

5. Provides Best Customer Support:

APIs have a lot of benefits that they provide in making the business more healthy and successful. Customer experience is the key feature in any business. With APIs, you will have effective ways of interacting with the customers.

6. Better Approaches for Marketing:

You can make the best marketing initiatives by using APIs. By using APIs, you can expand your reach and make new changes in the market that are essential.

If you will make a traditional approach to IT and also use the best tools, there are more chances that your business will face success and also growth.

Dashro Solutions have developed our own APIs for SWIFT and KYC connectivity. We also connect to multiple banks, custodian and counterparty APIs on a daily basis. Get in touch if you need some API connectivity to improve your working processes.


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