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Ongoing monitoring is important for keeping information on your clients up to date. It’s important to continuously scrutinise your business relationships. This process matters because, while occasional transactions may not initially present as suspicious, they may form part of a pattern of behaviour over an extended period which could reveal a change in a risk profile or business relationship. These processes take a vast amount of time to run manually, therefore we can use API’s to automatically runs these types of checks daily on your behalf.

We can develop your local systems to connect to the Dow Jones (Via the Dow Jones Developer Platform) or Creditsafe (CreditSafe Connect API) networks to access your potential or current client’s information. We can build powerful tools to allow access to millions of person and company details and build you powerful features and products.

For some of our clients, we have built a credit scoring system which checked beneficiary persons, banks and businesses for PEP status, past and present sanction information, law enforcement, adverse media and so much more.

We can automate your Customer Due Diligence (CDD). Automating your CDD to assess your customers’ background, determining their identity and the level of risk they possess.

​We are experienced in created multiple types of compliance reporting including:

  • Transactional Reporting (TRS – SFTP to to Univista)

  • EMIR and MiFIR transaction reporting

  • AML transactional monitoring

  • RTS27/RTS28 Reporting

  • Compliance monitoring dashboards


We also work closely with IP sentinel where we can develop and support their main application Fingerprint which is an identification & investigation platform that searches for Market Abuse, Financial Crime, Conduct Risk, Employee Policy compliance, Customer Appropriateness and Mis-Selling systematically within your electronic communications. 


We can develop and use their API to produce multiple compliance reports and dashboards so you can easily audit all electronic communications within your business.

Computer Programming

How long do you take to run CDD, KYC, Beneficiary and
Client Checks

  • Are you doing enough monitoring of you clients or your staff?

  • Do you have a structured approach to monitoring your electronic communications data?


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