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Minimum cost, Maximum features

Your modular trade order management system
designed to streamline your business workflows

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Tools for streamlining and automating your individual workflows

Dashro recognises that wealth managers, asset managers, fund managers, middle office professionals, administrators and financial institutions all have very different requirements.


Our modular web and REST API order management system (OMS) is built to connect, import and export to multiple internal systems for importing positions, transactions, instruments, prices and exporting (automatically or manually) executed trade fills with static, gross, net and fee commissions to multiple trade system destinations.

Mini-OMS for Traders

Fast trade execution is crucial for traders to stay ahead in a 

fast-paced environment and become dynamic within the 

turbulent financial markets. 

Automated filling of orders with options including:

  • Bloomberg EMSX (direct via internal Bloomberg connectivity or via FIX)

  • FIX messaging

  • SWIFT messaging

Increase profitability by executing trades quickly, taking advantage of market opportunities and potentially increasing profits.


Traders can reduce their exposure to market risk, as the prices of financial instruments can change rapidly.


Improve trading strategy with fast trade execution which allows tradersto implement their trading strategies more effectively, responding to market events in real-time.


Get that competitive advantage with flexible trade execution which can provide a competitive advantage, as traders who can respond quickly to market opportunities are more likely to be successful in volatile markets.


Provides competitive advantage with flexible trade execution, as traders who respond quickly to market opportunities are more successful in volatile markets.

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Portfolio rebalancing features to maintain a desired level of your asset allocation including weighted recommended ordering to purchase or sell your assets to ensure your portfolio is well-diversified.

Portfolio Modelling and Rebalancing

  • Sophisticated model construction

  • Automated Multi-Portfolio rebalancing

  • Multi-Portfolio order generation


Usability in a trade order management system streamlines the trading process, providing
intuitive navigation, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient execution, helping traders make informed
decisions effectively.

  • Clear and concise user-friendly grid format system designed for effective interaction with
    the user for maximum workflow efficiency


  • Flexible bulk trading options either at time of initial booking or post-bookings of similar orders.


  • Easy drag-drop grouping of columns on grids and screens for user friendliness.


  • Flexible separation of duties between entering, authorising and execution of orders


Compliance in a trade order management system ensures all transactions are carried out according to regulatory requirements, protecting the integrity of the market and avoiding legal consequences for non-compliance.

Fully integrated compliance checking on orders including:

  • Buy cash and sell order ownership validations.

  • Pre limit restrictions by branch, portfolio, strategy, counterparty or trader

  • Extremely flexible advanced compliance rule generator (build clause criteria)

  • Immediate alerting of breaches of any compliance rules with built-in overrides


Client or internal team user access with possible restrictions on branch, portfolio or strategy management for easy order bookings, order status reviewing and portfolio holdings.


Complies with all relevant regulations (inc. ESMA) outlined in MiFID II as well as comprehensive audit trailing of all transactions and events for easy monitoring and reporting.


Effective fee management balances cost and value for optimal financial outcomes

User-friendly portfolio transaction fee set up facilitating a large variation of fee scheduling, including:


  • Flat or tiered transaction fees, fixed and ticket fees

  • Management and custody fee calculations available

  • Fee range entry by asset types, custom extended types, currencies, minimum and maximum fees

  • Settlement safekeeping fee charging structures available.

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Securing and optimizing technology drives efficient and secure financial transactions.

IT security and technology is critical for a trading order management system and is highly important within our OMS as we help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive financial information and transactions.


Microsoft Azure 2-factor logins helps to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber attacks that could compromise the accuracy and reliability of financial data and disrupt the smooth operation of the system when used online. Additionally, the implementation of our cutting-edge technology can enhance the performance, scalability, and efficiency of your environment, allowing for faster and more accurate processing of trades and better decision-making capabilities.



  • User role management for intricate permissions management within the system

  • Full exposure to the system API for internal or external connectivity.

  • Built-in Microsoft authentication for secured managed access in Azure Active Directory

  • Robust security measures to protect the personal data of clients ensuring full compliance with privacy and security regulations like GDPR.



Cost effective implementation, quick installation and development integrations with your internal systems all under one fixed price with no hidden charges and costs


Cost effective implementation, quick installation and development integrations with your internal systems all under one fixed price with no hidden charges and costs

Dashro is a software development firm specialised in delivering bespoke customised IT software solutions for small to medium-sized wealth, fund, and asset management institutions. Our services provide our clients with a competitive edge in their respective markets and include, but are not limited to: custom software development, software integration, maintenance, application architecture design, user experience design, and project management. We strive to provide our clients with solutions that meet their exact requirements and exceed their expectations.

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