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Dashro completes Cyber Essentials accreditation


We are please to anncoune we have completed the application and passed the Cyber Essentials qualification. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed accreditation scheme that demonstrates Dashro to be protected against the most common IT cyber attacks.


To acquire this certification, our IT policies and setup were audited, illustrating that our procedures and setup are implemented correctly.


This accreditation also allow us to apply for some Government contracts which require this certification.

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Dashro signs development and support contract with Britannia Global Markets


Dashro have lept to new ground signing a very significant development and support contract with a major player in the Financial world in Britannia Global Markets.

The contract requires the team to implement, develop and support a full stack Wealth management portfolio of IT systems including: Portfolio Management Application, Order Management System, Payments system, Reporting and more.

David Harper, co-founder at Dashro says "This is a massive oppotunity for us at Dashro to really showcase our skills and show we can develop and support larger financial organisations within the industry. There is a lot of work for us to do and we are extremely confident we will make this project a roaring success."

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Dashro pens support deal with large wealth manager


Dashro has signed an on-going deal with our client to support all of their applications. David and Roger previously had separate agreements with the client where they built a vast amount of their technological structure including: payments system, OMS, reporting and lots more.


This current deal means the business signs with the outlook of supporting the current infrstructure and looking to improve any extra non-automated workflows.

David Harper, co-founder at Dashro, said “It is a great feeling to continue the on-going relationship but now under the development banner of Dashro. We hope to continue to bring support to them with our ever-growing integrated offering.”


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Dashro signs a new development and support
deal with Artek Group


On the same day, Dashro signs a new development and support agreement with Artek to develop and support financial applications with their and their wider company network.


Roger Ababao, co-founder at Dashro, said “2 deals in one day sounds like we have a lot to look forward to. I’m excited for Dashro’s future growth with both companies highly respected in the finance industry, which goes to show Dashro reputation is enhancing very quickly”


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Dashro continues to develop its own technologies
– due at the end of June


Dashro’s new API’s are in RAD development. Gordon Barclay, Senior developer at Dashro, with on-going assistance and support from the founders, is working hard at developing Dashro’s Microservices and API’s which will soon be available to the public around the end of June 2021.


Smart SWIFT API allows users to send in parameterised calls to the API and the API will return the exact message format Swift requires to be processed. 


Company and Person API allows users to send in parameterised calls to the API about a company or person, and the results will send back a report to show whether the company or person is a PEP, has sanctions against it in the past or present, adverse media and more.


Continue to follow our news pages to find out the latest about Dashro and their progress in and out of the marketplace…


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