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Development Techniques


We have the ability to track and run small portfolios for your clients. We have an internal portfolio management system with pricing sources and performance calculations. You provide us with your clients trade details, we can do the rest, supplying automated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly statements, contract notes and many more reports required to satisfy your client’s requests.

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We can automate your Bank, broker and/or custodian connectivity either via Swift or SFTP. With this automation, your reconciliations run smoothly whether this is required for client money, internal and/or external reconciliations or just direct reconciliations with your prime broker.

SWIFT & Direct Integration


We can assist with any of your middle and back-office processes including integration with your current systems whether it be settlements, corporate actions or client fees and fee schedules

Image by Bill Oxford

We can automate your middle
and back office processes

Whether your business takes over 5 days to on-board a client, runs multiple manual reconciliation checks or you generally have monotonous laborious tasks, we can automate your processes so you can

continue to do what you do best to improve your services to your clients

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