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Power up your complete
payment process

Whether you require a service which will allow you to send or receive SWIFT messages in MT or MX format, to sending and receiving CSV/Text files with your custodians for reconciliation, we can fulfil all of your payment communication requirements.


We have built clients payment systems which accept payment instructions and send SWIFT messages to validate, instruct and confirm payments.

We can automate your internal authorisation structure, so every payment is scrutinised and flowed through to the correct departments to make sure only valid payments leave your bank account. Authorisation can be done either through email confirmation or via your internal messaging system


We use CreditSafe to validate beneficiaries to make sure who you are paying is valid.


We can provide status updates for every payment, so you know where exactly your payment is until confirmed by your bank

We can manage your whole SWIFT connectivity solution (MQ, files, Autoclient) including storing your SWIFT codes or using API’s to confirm SWIFT validity


We can store all your SWIFT messages in a database, so you can run reconciliations against your books and records and build that reconciliation for you

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