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Automating daily prices of my portfolio

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Digitalizing your business is important if you want to grow it and get effective outcomes. The major thing in any financial business understanding what you own and how much it is worth, therefore your assets need to be priced on a daily basis. Owning a lot of assets and understanding their price is essential and no mean feat if you are to manually do this on a daily basis. Automating the daily prices in your back end systems for keeping your portfolio up-to-date is essential.

How does a pricing solution help?

You can automate downloading pricing files on a daily basis via SFTP from many different pricing providers as well as some providing API sources as well. Some back office systems will take advantage of these solutions but if you are a smaller organisation, its very possible your system does not, and requires manual intervention to get prices into your system where this takes some time to complete and resources are required to source the prices, then enter each, one at a time.

An automated pricing solution means your system is immediately up-to-date when prices are available, and allows your resources to spend their time on other important tasks.

Pricing Sources

There are many different pricing sources which should be considered although many specialise in particuar products e.g. Bloomberg can give you a price for pretty much every product you have but if you wanted a particular rare fund to be priced, you might need to source prices from a specialist fund institution like IFSAM International Fund Services & Asset Management S.A.). Bonds and equities can be priced from companies like MorningStar, ICE or IHS MarkIT.

Free pricing solutions can including Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Excel which has a very good pricing tool to get started with. Dashro has many times used Microsoft Excel to automate pricing systems directly from Excel into the back end portfolio system.

Automating the daily prices is essential to knowing your portfolio and keeping your business up-to-date. Dashro Solutions are here to help you in automating the pricing services in your business. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.


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