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We try to be open minded

Technology underpins everything that we do and at Dashro we put a lot of emphasis

on understanding the people we work with and the processes that drives their business to

develop solutions mainly within the Microsoft environment.

Below is a list of technologies, experiences, and qualities we have within the team:

Development Techniques

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We believe strongly in taking a RAD and/or Agile approach to development. The finance world is extremely fast paced, small/medium sized companies require a quick turnaround when it comes to developing solutions they can use quickly and efficiently. 


We are fast, efficient, adaptable and available for all of your IT requirements.

SQL Server (All versions)

T/SQL (Stored procedures, Scalar, Multi-statement, Table valued functions, Triggers, Assemblies, user-defined types, SQL XML exports, DB design, entity relationships)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) (ETL development, data warehousing, fact table development, Import & Export all different data types)

SQL Server Analysis Services (business intelligence, cubes creation)

SQL Server Reporting Services (installation, report development)

Azure SQL Managed Instances

SQL Server Administration (All versions)

Database Management Systems


Coding & Data Technologies


C#.Net/.Net Core 






Visual Basic/Visual C# Scripting


Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA for MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access)


XML, CSV, JSON, TXT, MVC, Web Services (RESTful), API Development, XSLT, XPath, SOAP, Powershell

Reporting and Data Visualisation Tools


We can run and support
your IT environment

If you feel your internal IT solutions are not as efficient as they should be, speak to us about a fully managed IT solution. Our Chief Technology Officer can assist you with a suitable IT package to serve all your requirements from a desktop support consultant, to a fully fledged managed serviced IT environment in Azure.

We can provide 24/7 support of your IT environment


We can provide consultancy staff to assist your current IT staff

Financial/Portfolio Management
Systems we have experience with

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