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Why SWIFT and what are the top 3 benefits of having SWIFT connectivity in your company

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

SWIFT serves as a secure means of transmitting data and instructions using an established coding system in the banking sector. It helps you accurately and securely send and receive information, such as money transfer instructions. Moreover, it maintains smooth communication with others.

In 2020, the SWIFT network will process over 35 million transactions per day. If you need to transfer money overseas to any corner of the world, SWIFT assists you in keeping all your transactions on track with no delays. Here, we'll discuss some of the amazing perks that will convince you to trust SWIFT for your next financial matters.

1) Cost-Effective

Financial institutions frequently need to make significant capital expenditures and incur ongoing operating expenses to stay current on security and technology advancements. They want to implement an identity management system that is personalized.

SWIFT assumes the responsibility of building, maintaining, and updating a technical infrastructure and provides the global standards for payments and reconciliations for financial institutions to adhere to. SWIFT also provides a single solution for robust authentication and digital identity that can be used on electronic banking channels as well as handling and providing multiple sources and methods for connectivity.

2) Satisfaction Related to Transactions

SWIFT provides a stress-free environment to its customers. They take your burden on their shoulders and offer you smooth communication and transactions. Unlike prior security solutions, SWIFT does not require separate devices or numerous authentication processes for each bank.

Tokens, passwords, and processes can accumulate when several users are authorized to transact with multiple institutions: a single token and secure password transactions with numerous institutions in several countries with 3SKey.

On processing files to SWIFT, the network validates the files sent by the source to confirm the message is understood. On confirmation of the message, the message is then transmitted to the destination financial institution for processing.

Satisfaction is reached when both the SWIFT network and the destination financial institution provides confirmation SWIFT messages back to the source institution.

3) Secure Workflow

When it comes to money and finance, we require someone who can provide security. SWIFT secures the flow of transactions throughout the world. It contributes to an organization's security. PKI technology authenticates and verifies transactions to ensure they are genuine, unaltered, and legally enforceable.

All users within the organization have access to centrally managed entitlements and permission limits. Transaction approvals can be confirmed prior to issuing any instructions to the bank. This provides complete traceability and an audit trail detailing who authorized what and when.


SWIFT is a widely utilized messaging service that allows banks, custodians and many other financial worldwide institutions to interact in a standardized manner. SWIFT was founded in 1977, and presently over 11,000 financial institutions use it to deliver over 25 million messages daily.

Therefore, if you need to execute multiple transactions each day whether that be payments, reconciliations or general communication with your bank and custodians, you will need an IT development partner to help you succeed whereas Dashro has been developing within the SWIFT environment for many years.

To learn more, please contact us at for more information or an informal chat about how SWIFT can help your business and If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it on your social accounts.

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